Elementary Grades K-5th | Middle School Grades 6th-8th | High School Grades 9th – 12th

Our Mission is to: Empower youth and children by building a foundation for them to live responsibly and successfully.

Our Motto: More, Better, Before it is expected of us. We want to do MORE, we want to do BETTER, and want to do BEFORE IT IS EXPECTED OF US.

Overview: The goals of the Beat The Street program is to help clients develop skills that will do the following:
• Enhance our client’s ability to reach independence
• Enhance our client’s understanding of self-sufficiency and financial independence
• Help clients master additional tools needed to reach greater potential
• Enhance social skills, self-esteem and life skills 

Program Goals
• Increase Academic Ability
• Develop Positive Socialization Skills
• Develop Self Esteem & Give Empowerment
• Provide Family Dynamic Skills to Enhance Mutual 
• Family Attachment & Warmth

Program Consent – Please read ALL the terms of participation in Beat The Street below:

• Virtual 7pm (Monday – Elementary, Tuesday – Middle School, Thursday – High School)

Participant Expectations
• Turn in weekly school progress reports
• Turn in weekly home behavior goal sheets
• Set weekly development goals
• Maintain a C average in school
• Demonstrate positive behavior while participating in

BTS Program Staff Expectations
• Provide participant with tutoring & mentoring services
• Help participant set weekly goals
• Case Management Rewards

Participants will earn rewards during the program.

Monthly/Quarterly Family Nights
We will get together with participants and family to provide opportunities for additional education and activities to enhance family bonding and socialization skills.

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